Welcome to the resources page for xAPI in Practice – Using xAPI to Track Mobile Performance Support. From this page you can download our presentation and grab copies of sample job aids. The articles and books listed on this page are our go-to references when working with xAPI. 

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Presentation Slides

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Handouts and Worksheets

Worksheets we use in our “hands on” version of this session:

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Articles and Books We Recommend

Our go-to resources for xAPI and mobile performance support

informal learning by jay cross

And anything/everything that Jay Cross ever wrote

Designing Your xAPI Data Strategy: xAPI-Statement Framework by Art Werkenthin

Five Things a Web Developer Needs to Know About the xAPI by Andy Johnson, Jason Haag, Steve Foreman

Ten Steps to Plan & Communicate Your xAPI Design to a Web Developer by Craig Wiggins, Peter Berking, Steve Foreman

eLearning Guild – The Experience API—Liberating Learning Design by Craig Wiggins, Peter Berking, Steve Foreman, Jason Haag

Top xAPI Authoring Tools to Get You Started by Brian Caudill

The Role of Mobile in Learning by David James

Self-Managed Organizations: Self-Delusional Or The Future Of Business? by Guenter Pecht-Seibert

A Modern Learning Experience Can Give Companies a Competitive Advantage by Jeremy Augern

Are You Giving Employees Tools They Actually Want to Use? by Lisa Tenorio

The Experience API (xAPI): A GPS for Learning by Michael Hruska

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