Job-Support Tools and Training


In 2011, ThermaSource brought Peregrine Performance Group (PPG) in to help build some job-support tools and training for their drillers. They were a young organization and had been going through some growing pains—they had departments with similar operational goals who were functioning differently; teams with little unity working at cross-purposes to each other; their standards were fuzzy, they weren’t really standards; workers were too often exposed to hazards; and their training was unstructured, plus they weren’t getting what they needed out of it.


PPG listened to the concerns of ThermaSource managers and helped them see the value of performance-based training and some of the tools associated with it—job-aids, performance evaluations, observation and feedback, things of that nature—as a possible part of their overall solution.

In one of the first planning meetings, PPG showed the management team a “performance evaluation”—a competency-testing tool that could help them certify their personnel on mastery over work outputs (e.g., slips set around a drill string, a stand of pipe removed and racked, etc.). The team thought this was exactly what they needed. Once developed, performance evaluations could help managers know specifically what their drilling personnel could (and could not) do and help the drillers show/prove their mastery to their colleagues in the field.

ThermaSource also thought this would help them increase consistency and efficiency, as well as reduce costs and exposure to hazards.

ThermaSource asked PPG to help them document their most critical procedures and then create training programs based on that documentation.

PPG worked closely with the management team and other key players in the field to explore and understand the driller’s work. For each critical task, PPG analyzed it, flowcharted it, and created an easy-to-read job guide that explained what it is, why it’s important, and how to perform it.

PPG used ThermaSource field personnel to validate these guides and found that this not only made the job guides more complete and accurate, it also created a stronger sense of ownership around the procedures.


At the time of this writing, ThermaSource has only just started rolling out the training and (inclusive of other environmental factors at play) already they’re seeing some extraordinary results. David Wetherbee, Superintendent, ThermaSource Drilling, had this to say:

        Our efficiency is up, our safety incidents are below industry average, we’re seeing more unity between and among teams, and we’ve also reduced equipment damage. Plus, our turnover is down — our people are staying with us now in part because they’re seeing that we’re committed to their safety and their development.

ThermaSource is serious about clearly defining and communicating their best practices. The job-support tools that PPG has helped them create are seen as evidence of those commitments. And it’s not just their employees seeing this value; they’re bringing in new clients too. ThermaSource’s prospects and clients see that their commitments to safety, efficiency, and clarity in their practices, and the development of their people, pay off for them as well.