Field Manager Handbook
New Employee Orientation


A solar power company — the first American solar company to design residential solar energy systems remotely over the Internet, using satellite imagery — asked us to take on two big projects. They were experiencing extraordinary growth and had hit a snag of sorts. As entrepreneurs they had attracted some extraordinary talent in the areas of sales and marketing, but in order to support their plans for growth they had not gathered the resources they needed for building some essential infrastructure tools — procedures, processes, job-aids, training, etc.


After some preliminary discussions, we uncovered that they needed to do two things: (a) capture the best practices of some of their best people (members of their field team, their Field Managers) and (b) design and develop some professional training programs that would enable new members of their workforce to get up-to-speed and perform in their roles quickly and efficiently.We worked side-by-side with Sungevity’s Field Managers and their leaders for many weeks — holding numerous interviews, gathering data, and performing observations in the field. We took the results of our research and, working with key accomplished performers, created a set of procedures called the Field Manager Handbook. This was used to streamline processes and reduce errors in the field.In the second project, we worked with executives, team leaders and subject matter experts across the organization to build a state-of-the art New Employee Orientation (NEO) program.


Both projects received rave reviews and exceeded Sungevity’s expectations (evaluations of our work were consistently rated over 4.5 out of 5). Sungevity now has us working on yet another project that will duplicate much of our work with Field Managers in other teams.