Merck & Co.

Supply Chain eLearning


Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical company was implementing Ariba’s supply chain management system serving 60,000 employees worldwide in multiple languages. Company required a training and performance support solution that could support the initial training effort and remain in place to provide on going support for the Ariba system.


  • Provided project management for supply chain system and business process training delivered to sixty thousand employees worldwide.
  • Conducted front end analysis that resulted in the development of the training design and implementation plans.
  • Developed specific business scenarios on which system and process training was based.
  • Staffed and managed the training design and development team — including an instructional designer, graphic artist, animator, programmer, and audio engineer – to the successful completion of the project and three subsequent content upgrades.
  • Designed and project managed the development of a web based content delivery platform.
  • Collaborated with the company’s LMS team to successfully integrate the WBT platform with the LMS, including SCORM compliance.
  • Collaborated with the company’s Puerto Rican and Japanese supply chain business teams to successfully convert the training content from English to Spanish and Japanese and serve the non-english speaking  population.
  • Collaborated with manufacturing IT team to facilitate change management issues related to the adoption of the new supply chain system and processes.


By using web based delivery for the training, Merck was able to avoid the expenses related to a worldwide roll-out of a classroom based training program for 60,000 employees. In addition, the web based delivery platform facilitated the distribution of the training courseware in three languages to employees located in over twenty countries. The training program contributed to the company saving an estimated $350 million in supply chain costs in the first fiscal year the Ariba system was implemented.