Increased Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Scores thru Live-Virtual (vILT) Product Training




GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain name registrar and web hosting provider, was looking for new and innovative ways to increase revenue and reduce customer attrition as measured through lifetime value (LTV) and net promoter (NPS) scores. In an effort to connect more directly with their small business customers, GoDaddy had settled on creating high-quality, public-facing workshops that would help these customers learn to use GoDaddy small business products and services. These would be face-to-face, classroom-style training programs hosted in neighborhoods/cities around the world.

Each of the programs would be a “workshop in a box” — based on best practices from expert users, supported by world-class instructional materials, and facilitated by trainers certified to teach live-virtual courses.

GoDaddy needed the first of these workshops created quickly, with reasonably high-quality, and completed at an affordable price. They turned to Peregrine Performance Group (PPG) for help.


GoDaddy selected their website creation tool, Website Builder, to be the product of focus for the initial workshop.

Peregrine performed a quick but thorough analysis that teased out key features to be taught and other important considerations such as anticipated skill levels and experience of audience members and would-be facilitators; cultural needs; GoDaddy resources (e.g., branding experts and graphic designers) whose availability might reduce project costs; and recommended techniques for inviting customers to purchase GoDaddy products and services.

After consulting with product support experts to prioritize the tasks to be taught, Peregrine worked side-by-side with expert users to design and create job-aids that illustrated, step-by-step, how to use the most valuable features of Website Builder. With these job-aids in hand, a new user with only minimal technical skills could create a professional website with substantive features (e.g., high-quality graphics, rotating slide shows, contact form, etc.) in minutes.

Once the job-aids were tested and ready, we designed an hour-long workshop around them. The workshop included explanations, demonstrations and practice opportunities, and used a “tell me, show me, let me try it” approach.

After creating, testing and revising instructional support materials in pilot workshops, we turned them over to GoDaddy’s creative team for final branding treatments. This helped keep production costs to a minimum.


While still early to speak with a high confidence about impacts to business, initial feedback from project stakeholders has been positive and enthusiastic. Stakeholders and end users have stated that project outputs met or exceeded expectations. Changes in LTV and NPS scores have been as anticipated.

As further evidence of the success of this program, GoDaddy asked PPG to convert the workshop into a vILT (virtual instructor-led training) course. Additionally, Peregrine and GoDaddy are planning a series of new workshops-in-boxes for other GoDaddy small business offerings.


vILT 101


GoDaddy had a new and innovative idea designed to boost lifetime value (LTV) and net promoter (NPS) scores among small business owners, a critical segment of their customer population.
GoDaddy had recently reaped significant benefits from offering face-to-face workshops on some of their small business products in cities and neighborhoods around the world and wanted to try and duplicate that success in live-virtual workshops (a.k.a. vILT or virtual instructor-led training programs). In order to keep costs down and connect new users with product support experts, GoDaddy had planned to have those experts teach these new virtual classes.

The problem: while the product support experts had plenty of experience teaching GoDaddy customers one-on-one, they had no experience running live virtual classes with large groups of attendees.

Furthermore, GoDaddy had chosen to use the robust web conferencing platform, Adobe Connect, and the team of future presenters had no experience with it.

GoDaddy asked Peregrine to help them bring these would-be vILT facilitators up-to-speed as quickly as possible on how to run live-virtual training programs.


Peregrine quickly determined that the team of future facilitators must develop basic mastery over three core skill sets: (1) how to be an engaging facilitator in the virtual classroom, (2) how to be an effective producer (i.e., technical- and instructional-assistant to the facilitator), and (3) how to use the basic features of Adobe Connect.

Core virtual facilitation skills included preparedness, communication, engagement, virtual “room” management, and listening/observation. Core production skills included pre-class audience warm-up, facilitation support, technical support, and use of Adobe Connect system tools.

Participants observed the core skills in action as performed by expert facilitators and producers, and were then given opportunities for structured practice and feedback in live virtual sessions with their peers.

According to participants, the most valuable components of the program were the observation and feedback sessions. These sessions helped participants break down the core skills into manageable chunks – thus making them easier to understand and master. Participants not only learned exactly where they had performed successfully and where they needed to additional practice, (e.g., one participant may have performed very well in her use of system tools, but still needed to work on her virtual “room” management skills) they also received practical advice from experts on how to improve.

Participants who demonstrated basic mastery were recommended to the project leader as future facilitators (and/or producers); those who were unable to demonstrate mastery were encouraged to continue practicing and rehearsing.


By the end of the program, over 90% of participants were able to demonstrate basic mastery over the core skills, and GoDaddy had a solid team of skilled virtual facilitators.

As with the other GoDaddy project, it’s too soon to talk about impact to the business with high confidence, but initial feedback from all project stakeholders has been extremely positive. They have on several occasions noted that project outputs exceeded expectations. Movement of LTV and NPS scores have been in line with expectations.