Coca-Cola Refreshments

Merchandiser On-Boarding Curriculum Development


Coca-Cola, the world’s most valuable and recognized brand, was proceeding with an update to their Merchandiser On-Boarding Curriculum. Coca-Cola had conducted a training gap analysis that included the review and assessment of each topic in the existing curriculum. Where needed, Coca-Cola revised, improved, and designed topic content to meet the needs of their 11,000 strong Merchandiser community. As Cocal-Cola proceeded with their re-design of the curriculum, they identified the need to partner with a learning and development firm that had an extensive background in rich-media development. Arnowitz Creative Agency was selected to help Coca-Cola due to their extensive and successful background in creative media development. To manage the project and act as an overall instructional design consultant, Arnowitz Creative Agency selected Peregrine Performance Group.


During the ten-week project, we developed and implemented a multi-phase schedule that included the development, review, revision, and implementation of print, video, and eLearning elements for the Merchandiser On-Boarding Curriculum. We successfully managed all resources, client relationships, and project tasks. We also provided instructional design knowledge and guidance as design decisions impacted development.


We and Arnowitz Creative Agency successfully delivered all project assets by the project end date. Coca-Cola is currently piloting the curriculum.