sap_200SAP Marketing

Help SAP Social Media Channel Managers and Digital Strategists become more effective users of social media.


SAP Global Learning and Development

Build greater awareness and understanding, across a global organization of over 75,000 employees, of the company’s Global Human Rights Commitment Statement on LGBT+ individuals.

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Global Pharma Technical Operations Engineering (PTE)

Integrate the processes and practices of two engineering organizations that had recently merged.

Regulatory Affairs/Pharmacovigilance

Help a segment of the Roche/Genentech workforce learn to use new software for planning and tracking regulatory compliance activities—risk management plans, risk minimization activities, periodic safety update reports, and post authorization safety.

Coca-Cola Refreshments

Merchandiser On-Boarding Curriculum Development

Provide a standardized on-boarding program for Coca-Cola Merchandisers that builds customer service capability, drives productivity, and increases employee engagement.


Job-Support Tools and Training

A young organization with growing pains is in need of job-support tools and training. Their departments, with similar operational goals, were functioning differently; teams with little unity working at cross-purposes to each other; standards were fuzzy; workers were too often exposed to hazards; and their training was unstructured, plus they weren’t getting what they needed out of it.


SungevityField Manager Handbook
New Employee Orientation

Extraordinary growth leads to a need for additional infrastructure support, including the clarification and capture of processes and procedures, plus the development of job-aids and training.


Sales Force eLearning

Sun Microsystems was looking for a faster, better, cheaper way to bring their global sales force up-to-speed on a new account planning model they had adopted. They had grown weary of the linear slideshow-with-audio style of training to which their sales force had been accustomed.


Supply Chain eLearning

Fortune 100 company requires just-in-time and on-going training to support a supply-chain management system serving 60,000 employees worldwide.


Classroom Training to eLearning Conversion

Multinational medical device manufacturer converts its PACS classroom training programs to eLearning.


REACHFront End Analysis

Medical services company facing exponential changes to its infrastructure, personnel, processes, and regulatory compliance due to rapid growth.


Building Core Competencies

In the wake of the September 11th, 2001, terrorist attacks, the United States Coast Guard was dealing with a rush of new recruits and needed to update and improve several of their training programs — making them more complete, accurate, and performance-based.


Change Management and Related Training

Partnered with a leading learning services company to help a global financial services company with managing change and training for 40,000 staff worldwide as they implemented Workscape Compensation Planner for all managers with direct reports as well as a new compensation philosophy.



Customer Relationship Management System eLearning Development

Develop eLearning modules to support Coca-Cola’s sales team’s use of a new customer relationship management mobility platform and to transform the way sales associates operate while standardizing processes and driving consistency across sales teams.


Increased Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty thru Live-Virtual (vILT) Product Training

The world’s largest internet domain registrar and web hosting company uses Peregrine to develop new ways to teach customers about their products and, in turn, boost satisfaction and loyalty scores.