Peregrine Performance Group Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

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Peregrine Performance Group Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

The North Bay’s premier workforce performance improvement company celebrates one year of enabling success.

Joe Halpin, Russ Powell

Joe Halpin (L) and Russ Powell (R), co-founders, Peregrine Performance Group. Peregrine recently celebrated it’s one-year anniversary providing HPT services to Bay Area businesses.

SANTA ROSA, CA – 2 Oct 2013 – Peregrine Performance Group, the North Bay’s premier training and performance improvement consulting firm, celebrated its one year anniversary this fall.

Peregrine helps North Bay businesses increase employee productivity, reduce high rates of turnover, decrease costs, maintain quality, and reduce exposure to hazards through the use of human performance technology (HPT) strategies and tools. HPT is a systematic approach to improving individual and organizational performance.

North Bay residents and community contributors, Russ Powell and Joe Halpin, best known for their award-winning work in training and development, founded Peregrine in 2012 in order to bring HPT-expertise to North Bay businesses.

The International Society for Performance Improvement defines HPT as a systematic approach to improving productivity and competence. Practitioners use a set of methods and procedures—and a strategy for solving problems—to realize opportunities related to the performance of people. It can be applied to individuals, small groups, and large organizations.

In their first year, Peregrine experienced considerable success working on performance improvement initiatives with several Bay Area clients over a wide range of industries.

“Our clients,” said co-founder Joe Halpin, “tend to cut across industries. This year, for example, we worked on performance improvement initiatives with clients in geothermal energy, solar technology, pharmaceutical regulation, cloud-based human capital management, and luxury hotel and hospitality.”

PPG Logo w Tagline 400x305On the type of work Peregrine does, Russ Powell noted “our clients look to us for both our products and our services. We create job-aids and performance support tools—including eLearning and mobile-learning, multimedia, videos, and simulations, for example—but we also provide advice on use of learning technologies as well as analysis, design and evaluation services. If you’re going to be effective, you have to know your target and whether or not you’ve hit it. Our front- and back-end services help our clients measure that.”

On industry trends, Joe Halpin, said “One of the big trends we’re keeping tabs on these days is mobility. The number of people using smartphones and tablets to manage some aspect of their work is exploding. We take advantage of mobile devices in the workplace by pushing performance related information out to people when they need it, where they need it. And as the world continues to shrink, cultural mash-ups are being created and they’re impacting performance. We always take into consideration our clients’ culture, as well as the cultures in which they are doing business.”

According to Russ Powell, “we’re continuing to see a move—and a brilliant move at that—from the bulky time-intensive instructor-led training programs of years past to simple, cost-effective just-in-time training. We call it rapid performance support. Businesses are finding that training is expensive, often terribly expensive. And, certainly, sometimes training is essential, but often all you need is some well-written job-aids—that’s the hard part; once you’ve got good job-aids, training practically builds itself. One of our industry gurus, Joe Harless, liked to say ‘Inside every fat course, there’s a thin job-aid crying to get out.’ That’s one of our mantras.”

Joe Halpin continued, “often for our clients content is not the issue. Another one of our industry thought leaders, Sivasialam Thiagarajan—“Thiagi” for short—talks about how content is not nearly as important as it use to be, ‘People can Google the content.’ We’re often called upon to find innovative ways to help people engage with content—through simulations, for example, in which they have an opportunity to play with the content—to try it out in a safe environment.”

In June, Peregrine was invited to present a workshop on useful eLearning strategies for the Canadian Society of Training and Development.

Peregrine uses a team of local contractors and employees to help them meet the needs of their clients.

Prior to forming Peregrine Performance Group, Joe Halpin worked in the learning-industry for over 20 years and was a contributing architect of the award-winning Sherpa Learning platform. Russ Powell, also a 20-year learning-industry veteran, led award-winning instructional design teams at the United States Coast Guard base in Petaluma, CA and at Sun Microsystems based in Santa Clara, CA.

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