Lots Going On Across the Industries — This Week at PPG

At Peregrine this week, we’ve got a lot going on:

  • ConraWaldoLogosIn the hospitality industry:
    • Continuing to work with Hilton Worldwide (through our strategic parter Arnowitz Creative) to build training for the global field staff of Hilton’s luxury hotels, Conrad and Waldorf Astoria.
  • In the tech industry:
    • Continuing to work with SAP on interpreting the results of a recent needs analysis we completed for them — this to help them better understand the needs of their new hires.
    • Preparing for a dry run of a new GoDaddy webinar that helps small business owners move their businesses online — this to help GoDaddy better meet the needs of their clients and potential clients.
  • In the solar industry:
    • Helping Sungevity think through the complexities and benefits of bringing on a new learning management system (LMS) — this to help them manage the learning needs of their employees.
    • Working with Sungevity to tease out the details of some of their processes and procedures — this in preparation for the design and development of training.
  • And here at home (in the North Bay):
    • Spreading the word about our North Bay Managers Forum. Our next gathering of the NBMF is coming up on 12 Sept 2014.

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