Great Turn-out, Valuable Insights at ATD Job-Aids Workshop


We had a fantastic turnout last night at the Golden Gate (North Bay) ATD meeting.

Russ Powell and Joe Halpin of Peregrine Performance Group getting things started at the workshop <em>How to Create Damn Good Job Aids</em> for ATD Golden Gate (North Bay). Photo: Adrian Mendoza

Russ Powell and Joe Halpin of Peregrine Performance Group getting things started at the workshop How to Recognize and Create Damn Good Job Aids for ATD Golden Gate (North Bay). Photo: Adrian Mendoza

Peregrine Performance Group facilitated the meeting. Our focus was How to Recognize and Create Damn Good Job Aids.

We discussed the characteristics of a “damn good” job aid, some differences between “good” and “bad” (exemplary and sub-par) job aids, how job aids and other performance support tools fit into overall performance improvement initiatives, and the process Peregrine uses to create exemplary job aids for our clients.

Other Highlights

Participants shared some job-aids they had gathered over the past few weeks. And they spent some time in small groups applying some of the concepts and principles of the workshop to the task of re-designing, creating and testing a poorly designed job aid.

We were honored to have Roger Chevalier join us. Last week, Roger received one of the highest honors ATD’s sister-organization, ISPI, offers — “Honorary Life Member.” Dr. Chevalier is an author and veteran veteran performance consultant who specializes in integrating training into more comprehensive performance improvement solutions.

Also joining us was Saul Eisen. Saul is well-known in the Bay Area for his work organizational development (OD). He’s also one of the founders of the MA Program in OD at Sonoma State University. Dr. Eisen runs a consulting practice that integrates strategic planning, whole system redesign, and organization development.

Initial Feedback

We were delighted to hear post-program comments from participants such as, “You guys rock!,” “I want some of these for MY clients!,” and “This was the most useful session I’ve attended in a long time!”

Bring this Program to Your Organization

We’re eager to take this program to other organizations and professional societies. If you’re interested in bringing it to yours, contact us today.

Photo Gallery

Photos of the event from one of our favorite local photographers, Adrian Mendoza.


Many thanks to Jon Pappas, Denise Blanc, Daniel Weinzveg, Angela Dowd and other members of the leadership team at ATD North Bay for the invitation to speak and helping make the program a success.


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