How to detect issues with Poka-Yoke

Over at Anne Ponton’s blog The Process Excellence String of Ariadne, she illustrates the use of Poka-Yoke with a story of a soap factory manager who implemented a simple and inexpensive solution with the help of his co-workers to identify soap boxes ready for shipping without soap in them.

One of the challenges we always face as training professionals working to improve performance is trying to convince clients that not everything is a training problem and that training is the most expensive solution. I think this story shows how simple and inexpensive solutions can be.

On her LinkedIn post of this blog article, several commenters point out that this solution only detects the errors but doesn’t fix the root cause. But I say, this solution may be so inexpensive, that it doesn’t pay to investigate the root cause and fix it. Unless of course it’s creating other issues that need to be fixed.

What do you think?

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