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Demonstration of updated features


Important note: When deleting data, if there is a lot of data it will take a while.  Operations longer than 20 minutes will time out. This can be changed in a production environment if needed later on.  For some reason some days in the sample data have a lot more data points than others.  For example March 8, 2013 has about 49,000 records, so deleting that day will take some time.  As stated in the video, suggest only deleting a day at a time or so, so you can verify it’s working but leave enough data left to work with.  Eventually the database will be wiped and re-load it from the Feb 2014 sample with all data included.

In this demo site WellData13 is a copy of the WellData1 table, which is your sample well.

When you transition this update into production, the app will honor the old user-to-well assignments *and* the new group assignments.  Once you have the users assigned to groups, and you have the groups set up for all of your users, we will remove the user-based assignments and use only groups.  This is so you can transition gradually if you need to.

This is only a demo of the admin side of things, which is nearly complete barring any bugs.  Next up will be making changes to the Tecton Silverlight application and the services tier to handle the new security (accessing wells by group instead of user ID) and handling the time zone offset.

This admin portal is now running ASP.NET 4.5.1 and is using MVC5 and Entity Framework 6 (the latest version on all).  All MVC views were rebuilt into Razor.  The .NET identity provider was left untouched so the other components (Silverlight and the Tecton.Web app) would still be able to authenticate against it, and we won’t have to change any user accounts.

June 13 Update

  • Updated the service tier so users can authenticate to wells by groups from Silverlight
  • Added configuration parameters to enable or disable the old “UserToWell” authentication method as well as the new group-based authentication to wells
    • This is to enable migrations so you can configure the users and groups as needed before turning off the old user-based method
  • Time Zone fix complete
    • The Silverlight app is always requesting data for a specific time; however when it first loads the well data, the server sends the “well time” over to the Silverlight app and it uses that time going forward. Since there was no time zone configuration, the “well time” was always the server time.
    • Using the new time zone configuration per well, now it simply converts the local server time to the time zone for the well, and the Silverlight app accepts that as the current time and everything else works from there.