Can “Moneyball” type data analysis inform learning and development

I recently ran across a New York Times article titled When Data Guys Triumph by Cade Massey and Bob Tedeschi. Mr.Massey and Mr. Tedeschi discuss how the book “Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game”, by Michael Lewis has influenced many professionals to use data in creative ways. They cite several examples of how people are becoming “savvier with data” and “more welcome in business circles”.

The article got me thinking about how we can use data more creatively to inform the decisions we make about learning and development in our organizations. With the majority of our clients, a performance need or issue is usually the reason why we’ve been called in to help. And training is the first thing our clients ask for to plug the hole. Can data help us provide better answers as we ask our clients the following questions?

  • What’s causing the performance issue?
  • Is training the right solution?
  • What do you want your people to accomplish?

Is there a place for “Moneyball” type data analysis at the learning and development table? Can a creative data analysis tool help us, as Mr. Massey and Mr. Tedeschi write, “exploit inefficiencies, allocate resources, and challenge conventional wisdom?”

Let me know what you think.

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