BirdCon 2013 – A Gathering of Peregrine Talent

Report from BirdCon — Summer 2013

This summer we held our first bi-annual Peregrine Performance Group contractors’ gathering.

Sybil, Dre and Joe

Most of our Bay Area contractors joined us for an extraordinary (albeit too brief) time of collaboration, brainstorming, community, and fun in Healdsburg, CA — a workforce performance improvement mini-conference if you will. We called it BirdCon 2013.

It was delightful to see and hear our contractors (many who had worked together virtually but never met face-to-face) get to know each other better.

Joe and Russ

In attendance were Deborah Klein, Sybil Hunt, Dre Terry, Mark Bunnell, Linda Sohl, Joe Halpin and me (Russ Powell).

Joe and I expressed our gratitude to our contractors for their work and their presence at the mini-conference. We also shared the current state of the business; discussed our vision, mission and values (which you can find below); and talked about our plans for the future.

We helped our contractors learn more about the services we provide. These include:

Linda and Deborah

  • Consulting services — needs analysis, workforce performance improvement consulting, process improvement, media development, technology advice
  • Expert resources — analysts, instructional designers, media developers, writers and editors, programmers, project managers
  • Strategic partners — software development, network resources, high-end multi-media, human resources consulting


We spent some time talking about the business, discussing not only opportunities for the future, but also what’s going well, and ways we can improve both our work with our clients and our interactions with our contractors.

We wrapped up the business part of the meeting with a round of Thiagi’s Thirty-Five game and then headed off to Mateo’s for some Yucatán-inspired delectables.

Sybil, Deborah and Joe

Joe and I are hugely grateful to our crack team of contractors who enable the success of our clients. Thank you!! Thank you!! You all are the best!!

Our next gathering (er, BirdCon, unless we come up with a better name) is planned for January of 2014.

See our Flickr set for more photos.


Peregrine Performance Group’s Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Vision

Russ and Joe’s collective personal vision includes a time when and a place where…

  • businesses are profitable because they consistently deliver products and services of high quality that truly meet the needs of their customers,
  • workers  are satisfied in their jobs and enjoy their work in part because they have access to the information, tools and resources they need to be excellent,
  • communities are valued because they provide strong and healthy support networks for their members.

Our vision for Peregrine Performance Group is simply that it will serve as a vehicle for supporting this larger vision. This includes the following:

  • We work with companies, especially SF North Bay companies, that are committed to providing products and services of high quality,
  • We help these organizations provide the information, tools and resources their workers need in order to be successful (i.e., excellent and satisfied) in their work,
  • We have a business that runs smoothly and well enough that it can contribute to the community through educational programs and/or financial contributions.

Our Mission

We strive to bring our vision into form in the following ways:

  • We assist leaders of organizations in the clarification and communication of their goals and the processes by which they expect to achieve those goals.
  • We design and develop training programs and training support tools (e.g., job-aids, eLearning, instructor-led training, multi-media and performance support systems) that help workers and their managers access critical information and build essential skills required to meet organizational objectives.
  • We encouraging individuals to think carefully, collaborate often, and communicate clearly.
  • We make both financial and service contributions to the communities in which we live.

Our Values

We hold many values important, but the most important values (the top seven) at play behind-the-scenes in our work include the following:

  • Excellence – We design and deliver products and perform services of high quality.
  • Integrity – We adhere to a professional code of conduct.
  • Balance – We encourage a business culture that allows every worker, including our founders, to achieve a healthy balance between daily work, professional and personal growth, financial needs, personal health, recreation, and family.
  • Productivity – We link the learning activities and systems we design to observable results and our client organizations’ bottom-lines.
  • Respect – We have a positive regard for others and encourage the contribution of ideas from others.
  • Accountability – We make every effort to avoid micromanagement and reward individuals who take personal responsibility for meeting deadlines, producing quality work, making quotas, and being honest.
  • Humor – We encourage laughter where appropriate and include the whimsical in our thinking.

– Russ Powell (@RussPowell), 31 Jul 2013

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